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Saniswiss is a high-tech company established by a team of health professionals, supported by renowned microbiologists. Together, we offer new perspectives for progress and skills, intended to anticipate international healthcare trends and regulations in the field of antimicrobial, and more generally, in infection control.

fighting germs durably

Nowadays, lethal germs are certainly one of the major threats to human life in the medical environment. Cross-contamination and increasing resistance of microorganisms are forcing the need for enhanced safety and health precautions.

Most disinfectants currently available on the market to combat microorganisms are themselves creating environmental problems and threats to our health and communities. Single-use products are representing pollution thanks to their toxic composition. Government organizations and scientists are obliging the industry to find safer and more ecofriendly solutions.

By developing innovative technologies we participate actively in offering modern ecofriendly and healthy alternative sanitizing and disinfecting solutions, without creating new germs resistances or health and environmental hazards.


Swiss brand

Switzerland enjoys an excellent and
unequaled reputation in the advance of
environmental protection. Our skills in
the field of microbiology and new
technologies allow us to stay in the
vanguard of progress. Located at the
heart of the “biotech Silicone Valley”,
Saniswiss benefits from being at the
hub of development.

Swiss quality

Quality is our priority and Saniswiss is a certified manufacturer of biocide and medical devices meeting the strictest requirements of the ISO 13485. All Saniswiss products bear the CE mark
and benefit of the renowned Swiss Certification. A true guarantee for the users of our products.

Swiss spirit

We ensure a high level of service and
close cooperation with our customers.
Think of future generations by opting
for high-tech Saniswiss products.

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