Eco-friendly sporicidal surface sanitizer S1

Saniswiss biosanitizer S1 is an eco-friendly sporicidal surface cleaner sanitizer.

biosanitizer automate

Automates the tedious work of manually disinfecting all surfaces. Read more

biosanitizer aHP C (Sanitizer Eco)

Eco-friendly curative airborne sanitizer aHP C Read more

biosanitizer aHP P (Preventative)

For airborne disinfection in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and hospital fields. Read more

biosanitizer S (Surfaces)

Cleans and disinfects all surfaces and medical devices in record time. Read more

biosanitizer S1 (Surfaces)

Saniswiss biosanitizer S1 is an eco-friendly cleaner sanitizer sporicide of second generation, it is dedicated to surface sanitizing incl. MDR superbugs. Read more

biosanitizer S2 (Surfaces)

Saniswiss biosanitizer S2 is an eco-friendly cost-effective cleaner sanitizer, it is dedicated to medical device surface sanitizing. Read more

biosanitizer S4

Saniswiss biosanitizer S4 is an eco-friendly versatile sanitizer, it is dedicated to all washable surfaces, including in food processing. Read more

biosanitizer H (Hands)

Hand disinfection without water. Water-based, antiseptic and moisturizing. Read more

biosanitizer H1 (Hands)

Eco-friendly hands gel sanitizer Read more

biosanitizer H2 (Hands)

Saniswiss biosantizer H2 is an eco-friendly wash lotion featuring ingredients of organic origin, it is dedicated for hand and body cleansing including pregnant woman. Read more

biosanitizer I (Instruments)

For manual cleaning and disinfection of thermostable instruments of all types. Read more

biosanitizer A (Aspiration)

Specially formulated and suitable for all aspiration-systems. Read more

biosanitizer L (Laundry)

A new ecological disinfecting laundry cleaner for washing and simultaneous disinfection of linen. Read more

biosanitizer S wipes (Surfaces)

Premium wipes made of a superior ecofriendly microfibers pre-moisturized with antimicrobial solution - biosanitizer S. Read more

biosanitizer M (Moulds)

For cleaning and disinfection of delicate impression materials. Read more

saniraiser aHP K1 (Insecticide)

Eco-friendly airborne insecticide dedicated to the no-touch automated system Saniswiss automate aHP. Read more

biosanitizer H1 (Hands)

Eco-friendly hands gel sanitizer Read more

biosanitizer S1 (Surfaces)

biosanitizer S1

Saniswiss biosanitizer S1 is an eco-friendly sporicidal surface cleaner sanitizer. Thanks to the special formulation free from aldehyde, alcohol and phenols, there is less evaporation during wiping saving cost and ensuring a compliant sanitizing of surfaces. biosanitizer S1 benefits from the next generation of boosted Hydrogen Peroxide which is active on spores, superbugs MDR and fully virucidal (incl. poliovirus).

With < 4% boosted Hydrogen Peroxide, the solution is offering a true eco- friendly alternative to classical-chemical sanitizers. After use, the active ingredient reverts back into water and oxygen leaving virtually no residue on surfaces or in the air. No harmful side-effects, no toxicity, no disposal precautions and ease of handling make this surface cleaner sanitizer a truly effective product for daily use. Suitable incl. for sensitive surfaces, incl. the upholstery of the examination chairs.

bactericide EN 13727, EN 13697, EN 1276 p. aeruginosa, e. hirae (dirty conditions), EN 16615 (dirty conditions). fungicide, yeasticide EN 1650 (A. brasiliensis dirty conditions), EN 13624 (dirty conditions), EN 16615 (dirty conditions), EN 13697 (dirty conditions). mycobactericide EN 14563. virucide prEN 14476 (poliovirus type 1 dirty conditions), prEN 14476 (adenovirus type 5) and prEN 14476 norovirus (dirty condition), virucide according model vaccinia, BVDV (DVV/RKI) as surrogate HIVHBVHCV, rotavirus, influenza, H5N1H1N1SARS coronavirus. sporicide EN 13704 clostridium difficile, EN 13704 subtilis, EN 13697 clostridium difficile – sporeformers (dirty conditions).

biocide PT2-PT4. before use, read the label and the product information. use biocides with caution.

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