Eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner sanitizer

Saniswiss biosanitizer S4 is a versatile antimicrobial for the disinfection and cleaning of all washable surfaces.

biosanitizer automate

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biosanitizer aHP C (Sanitizer Eco)

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biosanitizer S4

Saniswiss biosanitizer S4 is an eco-friendly versatile sanitizer, it is dedicated to all washable surfaces, including in food processing. Read more

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C1 Cleaning

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biosanitizer S4 (Multi-surface)

biosanitizer S4

Product Code 132078

Saniswiss biosanitizer S4 is a versatile antimicrobial for the disinfection and cleaning of all washable surfaces. It does not foam and requires no rinsing. We recommend its usage with a microfiber or with a mop. In addition, it is tested for automatic machines for cleaning of large areas including when food may be present.

Unlike classical-chemical disinfectant biosanitizer S4 is free of alcohol, aldehyde, biguanide, chlorine, phenol, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other hazardous chemicals or compounds. The hyperconcentrated formulation reduces intensely maintenance costs. In specific cases, biosanitizer S4 can be sprayed or even used with biosanitizer dry-wipes.

bactericide EN 1040 incl. s. aureus, p. aeruginosa, EN 1276 incl. s. aureus, p. aeroginosa, e. hirae. EN 13697 incl. e. coli, s. aureus, p. aeruginosa, e. hirae. yeasticide EN 1275 incl. c. albicans, EN 13624 incl.c. albicans, EN 13697 ncl. c. albicans. mycobactericidal activity against BK, m. tuberculosis hominis. virus HBV, HIV

biocide PT2-PT4. before use, read the label and the product information. use biocides with caution.

S4 5000ml Code 132078
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