Eco-friendly hands gel sanitizer

Biosanitizer H1 is a hand disinfection gel developed accoring to WHO guidelines on hand hygiene health care.

biosanitizer automate

Automates the tedious work of manually disinfecting all surfaces. Read more

biosanitizer aHP C (Sanitizer Eco)

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biosanitizer aHP P (Preventative)

For airborne disinfection in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and hospital fields. Read more

biosanitizer S1 (Surfaces)

Saniswiss biosanitizer S1 is an eco-friendly cleaner sanitizer sporicide of second generation, it is dedicated to surface sanitizing incl. MDR superbugs. Read more

biosanitizer S1 (Wipes)

Cleans and disinfects all surfaces and medical devices in record time. Read more

biosanitizer S2 (Surfaces)

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biosanitizer S4

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biosanitizer H1 (Hands)

Eco-friendly hands gel sanitizer Read more

biosanitizer H2 (Hands)

Saniswiss biosantizer H2 is an eco-friendly wash lotion featuring ingredients of organic origin, it is dedicated for hand and body cleansing including pregnant woman. Read more

biosanitizer L (Laundry)

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saniraiser aHP K1 (Insecticide)

Eco-friendly airborne insecticide dedicated to the no-touch automated system Saniswiss automate aHP. Read more

C1 Cleaning

Cleans and maintans floors and other surfaces Read more

biosanitizer H1 (Hands)

biosanitizer H1

The gel is recommended for fast and safe disinfection of hands and skin. The eco-friendly formulation features organic ingredients such as bioethanol. The hypoallergic formulation is available in the form of a unique thixotropic gel to avoid wastage of the solution during HAI prevention (Health-care-Associated Infections) in health care settings such as hospitals, clinics and institutions.

Eco-friendly ingredients of organic origin. WHO meets the guidelines, Thixotropic behaviour natural pH of the skin. Free from colouring agent and perfumed. Pleasant non-sticky formulation. Moisturizer incl. fatty agents. Safe tested under dermatalogical control. Hypoallergenic to prevent allergies. Broad spectrum 99.9% of germs killed. Fast action with 30 seconds following application.

H1 Code 132116 £4.20 Per 50ml Bottle inc Flip Top - pack of 10
H1 Hand Sanitizer Code Number 132127 500ml

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