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Saniswiss Automate achieves 6 log 10 reduction when used to decontaminate biosafety cabinet

20 Aug 2019

A paper published in the Applied Biosafety Journal of ABSA describes how the Saniswiss Automate aHP ( Aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide ) achieves at least a 6 log 10 reduction in a laboratory containing biosafety cabinets . It was also able to prove that HEPA filters were as well decontaminated and the hydrogen peroxide aerosols were able to migrate through those filters.


Automate (Rooms & Surfaces)

biosanitizer automate

Automates the tedious work of manually disinfecting all surfaces. Read more

Sanitizer Eco

biosanitizer aHP C (Sanitizer Eco)

Eco-friendly curative airborne sanitizer aHP C Read more


biosanitizer aHP P (Preventative)

For airborne disinfection in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and hospital fields. Read more

Surfaces (S1)

biosanitizer S1 (Surfaces)

Saniswiss biosanitizer S1 is an eco-friendly cleaner sanitizer sporicide of second generation, it is dedicated to surface sanitizing incl. MDR superbugs. Read more

S1 Wipes

biosanitizer S1 (Wipes)

Cleans and disinfects all surfaces and medical devices in record time. Read more

Surfaces (S2)

biosanitizer S2 (Surfaces)

Saniswiss biosanitizer S2 is an eco-friendly cost-effective cleaner sanitizer, it is dedicated to medical device surface sanitizing. Read more

Surfaces (S4)

biosanitizer S4

Saniswiss biosanitizer S4 is an eco-friendly versatile sanitizer, it is dedicated to all washable surfaces, including in food processing. Read more

Hands (H1)

biosanitizer H1 (Hands)

Eco-friendly hands gel sanitizer Read more

Hands (H2)

biosanitizer H2 (Hands)

Saniswiss biosantizer H2 is an eco-friendly wash lotion featuring ingredients of organic origin, it is dedicated for hand and body cleansing including pregnant woman. Read more


biosanitizer L (Laundry)

A new ecological disinfecting laundry cleaner for washing and simultaneous disinfection of linen. Read more


saniraiser aHP K1 (Insecticide)

Eco-friendly airborne insecticide dedicated to the no-touch automated system Saniswiss automate aHP. Read more

C1 Cleaning

C1 Cleaning

Cleans and maintans floors and other surfaces Read more

Saniswiss biosanitizer. An ecological and cost saving alternative to conventional cleaning and disinfecting products!

Free of alcohol, quats, biguanide and VOC’s - biosanitizer is based on the plazma discharge of H202 (<2%).

Using alcohol in cleaning and sanitizing products can cause allergies, lung diseases and skin dryness for staff and occupants. These hazards can be effectively overcome by biosanitizer because its composition is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

After use, the active ingredient in saniswiss biosanitizer reverts back into water and oxygen, leaving virtually no residues on surfaces or in the air. No harmful side-effects, no toxicity, no disposal precautions, and ease of handling, make this new sanitizer a truly effective disinfectant for daily use.

The saniswiss biosanitizer range is a true eco-friendly alternative to classical-chemical disinfectants. It’s super-safe, super-fast, ultra-convenient, Completely new and completely effective.

From now on, there’s no need to choose an eco-friendly solution that compromises on its efficacy. Saniswiss offers you an alternative that surpasses all standards of efficacy, without creating germ resistance, or harming people, equipment, or the environment.

biosanitizer contains none of the following ingredients:
alcohols, quats, aldehydes, chlorine derivates and others halogens, phenols, and biguanides, conservative agents and is totally free from VOC’s and other harsh or polluting chemicals. Thanks to its natural non-toxic nature, biosanitizer does not feature the standard orange dangerous good warnings, as carried by other disinfectants.

Saniswiss biosanitizer

  • Completely disinfect a typical room in just 5 minutes*
  • Active in under 30 seconds
  • Water based (98%) and alcohol free
  • Ecological: degenerates into H2O and O2
  • 100% VOC-free. Zero VOC tax
  • Allergy risk-free
  • Completely non toxic. Contains only water and water derivatives
  • No harmful side effects to equipment, people, or the environment
  • Exceeds microbiological norms & standards
  • Faster: instantly digests & eliminates germs
  • Eliminates germ resistance
  • Cleans in-depth at a cellular level
  • Multi-use: surfaces, equipment, floors & instruments
  • Leaves no residues, damp or damage, even on delicate surfaces
  • Free from dangerous goods warnings
  • Extensively tested in European laboratories**

* biosanitizer automate in a room of 27m2     
**Reports can be sent on request

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