The eco-friendly water based cleaner and disinfectant

A professional solution, ideal for all commercial and industrial equipment and surfaces, biosanitizer exceeds microbiological norms & standards. It instantly and safely digests & eliminates germs.

biosanitizer aHP P (Preventative)

biosanitizer aHP P

Epidemic airborne disinfection for pharmaceutical, food-processing and hospital fields.
2 in 1 eco-friendly preventive airborne sanitizer.

Saniswiss biosanitizer R formulation is alcohol-free, quats-free, biguanide-free, aldehydes-free, phenols-free, peracetics acids-free. No chlorine derivate or other halogens and is totally free from Volatiles Organics Compounds (VOC’s) and other harsh or polluting chemicals.

Naturally formulated from 94% pure water and <6% of boosted hydrogen peroxide (bHP). This powered formulation has been especially developed for a use with the Saniswiss automate aHP.

It is essential during epidemic periods when it is necessary to reinforce and adapt the usual measures of automatic disinfection of surfaces and medical devices.

After use, the active ingredient reverts back into water and oxygen leaving virtually no residues on surfaces or in the air. No harmful side-effects, no toxicity, no disposal precautions and ease of handling make this new tenside-free airborne sanitizer a truly effective disinfectant for daily use without creating resistance.

It has been developed for a specific and intensive use in clean-room, in the industries, more particularly food-processing and pharmaceutical as well as for a hospital use, during epidemic period without creating resistance. It is active on hyper-resistant germs.

bactericide EN 1040, EN 1276. fungicide EN 1275. virucide. sporicide. Saniswiss biosanitizer automates and Saniswiss biosanitizer R are active as a system according to NF T 72 281.

meets European Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE (Class IIa), benefit of the Swiss certification standard

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