The eco-friendly water based cleaner and disinfectant

A professional solution, ideal for all commercial and industrial equipment and surfaces, biosanitizer exceeds microbiological norms & standards. It instantly and safely digests & eliminates germs.

biosanitizer H (Hands)

biosanitizer H

For hand disinfection without water.
A new moisturising, disinfecting, ecological hand rub.
Up to 500 disinfections per bottle (500ml bottle).

In the same spirit as our eco-friendly disinfectant for surfaces, biosanitizer H rubbing formulation is available for a rapid disinfection of hands without water. This new luxurious formulation is avaible as a lather and a hand rub which is applied delicately on the hands, without waste.

biosanitizer contains moisturisers thanks to latest cosmetic research who’s luxurious ingredients have been carefully selected for their natural properties. biosanitizer preserves the natural pH of the skin and avoids irritation including people with sensitive skin.

Improve skin condition
A water-based revolutionary antiseptic moisturising formulation, with active oxygen (BHP) and a low level of alcohol for rapid drying of hands. It combines a broad spectrum efficiency of BHP technology with the natural high performance of efficient moisturisers to improvesskin conditions within 14 days.

99.9% of germs killed within 30 seconds
biosanitizer contains a broad spectrum efficiency on most kind of germs, it is also compatible with latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves and has been dermatologically tested (but not on animals). This lower alcohol percentage obviates rapid evaporation of the product, thereby effectively improving contact time.

Alternative to alcohol
Contrary to classical alcoholic solutions, it does not dry the skin and respects both health and the environment. In short, biosanitizer is a modern alternative to gels and alcoholic solutions, it’s a 2 in 1 that disinfects and moisturizes your hands.

Ready to use, biosanitizer is great for frequent cleaning or for hand disinfection in surgical settings. Just apply the foam generously on one hand and rub hands together until they are dry.

bactericide EN 1500, EN 1040, EN 1276 (<60 sec.), active against MRSA, VRE, enterococci NDM-1. fungicide. yeasticide EN 1275, EN 1650. virucide active against HBV, HCV, HIV, BVDV, human influenza, SRAS, vaccinia, H5N1, H1N1, EN 14476 norovirus.

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